As part of a Regular Home Cleaning, our teams will*:

Standard Tasks

- Remove cobwebs
- Dust windowsills and decorative items
- Dust wall hangings and furniture
- Dust blinds and ceiling fans
(within reach)
- General tidying
- Vacuum all floors

Extra Touches

- Empty wastebaskets
- Place trash in outside receptacle
- Wash one sliding glass door, inside and out
(weather permitting)
- Vacuum family room furniture
- Wash window over sink
- Make beds


- Clean & sanitize outside all appliances, large and small
- Clean and sanitize all counters and sink
- Clean and sanitize stove top
- Clean microwave interior
- Dust and spot clean cabinet exteriors
- Hand wipe table and chairs
- Hand wipe small appliances
- Vacuum and mop floor


- Clean & sanitize shower and tub enclosure
- Clean and sanitize all counters and sink
- Clean and sanitize toilet
- Clean and shine mirrors and fixtures
- Fold towels
- Vacuum floor
- Mop floors

For the Deep Cleaning Service,
our teams can*: (additional fees apply)

Wipe Woodwork

- Baseboards
- Door frames
- Windowsills
- Cabinet exteriors
- Paneling


- Clean interior windows
- Clean sliding glass doors
- Clean French doors


- Spot clean walls

Special HEPA Vacuum tasks

- Upholstered furniture
- Pillows
- Bedding
- Mattresses
- Drapes
- Stuffed animals
- Carpet edging
- Window blinds
- HVAC vent covers


- Clean underneath area rugs
- Clean underneath/behind light, movable furniture
- Clean fireplace
(must be unused for a minimum 72 hours prior to cleaning)
- Polish silver

* *Services may vary. Please contact our office to discuss your individual cleaning needs. We will gladly accommodate you